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What Credit Card Has The Best Concierge Service?

By Dan Rafter / February 18, 2016
What Credit Card Has The Best Concierge Service?

Q: I’m shopping for a new credit card, and I’d like one that offers a strong concierge program. What credit card do you think has the best concierge service?

A: Let’s preface this by saying that the “best” concierge service is definitely a matter of opinion and personal taste. Here at CreditShout, though, we like the Platinum Card Concierge service provided by the American Express Platinum Card.

But we have to be upfront, though: There’s a reason this concierge service is so well-respected. It’s not exactly free. You’ll have to pay a whopping $450 annual fee for the Platinum Card. This fee covers a wide range of benefits that come with the card, including the concierge service.

What does Platinum Card Concierge get you? Just about anything you need. You can call the service to help you book airline flights and make hotel reservations. It can find you a gourmet restaurant in an unfamiliar city or help you land tickets to that hard-to-get Heat-Knicks basketball game. Need a new landscaping service for your home? The Platinum Card Concierge can help you find it.

You can even use the service to complete your gift-giving duties: The Platinum Card Concierge will search for that hard-to-find gift for you.

If you have the money, and the credit, to apply for the American Express Platinum Card, then be sure to take advantage of its concierge service. You might be surprised at what the professionals behind this service can accomplish.


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