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How Do I Report an Unauthorized Charge on My American Express Card?

By Kaitlin T / February 1, 2011

Q: I noticed a charge on my American Express that I definitely did not make. How can I report this charge?

A: First, American Express recommends that you contact the vendor. Sometimes it is a simple mix up. You may have forgotten that you made a purchase, or the name that showed up on your statement may have been different from the one that you are familiar with. Or it may be a mistake on the vendor’s part.

If you are certain that you did not make this purchase, contact American Express immediately by calling the number on the back of your card. After calling, you should also report it in writing. American Express’s address can be found on their Contact Us page, which is located here. Include your name, account number, the charge that you believe is unauthorized, the date it posted, and why you suspect that this charge is unauthorized. The maximum amount you can be held liable for is $50, and $0 if you report the loss or theft of your card before it is used.

If this charge is a result of identity theft, contact the police and ask the three main credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to place a fraud alert on your report. Check your credit report and make sure to dispute, in writing, any false information. You may need to close accounts that have been used fraudulently. Keep records of everything, including the police report. You may need them later to prove that you did not make the charges in question.

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