How Do I File a Travel Insurance Claim With American Express?

Q: I need to file a travel insurance claim with Amex, where do I start?

A: If you have AMEX travel insurance, you’re covered whether you’re flying across the United States or you’re traveling abroad. It’s a pretty handy service, too. It covers you, your authorized users, your spouse, and any children up to age 25, and it covers lost or delayed baggage as well as theft from your hotel room. There are caps to how much they’ll cover, but at least you’re not out the entire amount.

To make a claim, you can either call or send a letter. Of course, most of you will choose to call, since it is much easier, but you may need to send in certain documents to prove the validity of your claim. The claims phone number is 1-800-228-6855. If you’re calling from abroad, you can use the number 303-273-6497. The mailing address you will use to send any documents is as follows:

PO-BOX 981553
EL PASO TX 79998-9920

When you call, American Express will walk you through the rest of the process, including explaining any documents you need to send in. Keep any receipts you have, since they will need to see proof. For example, if your baggage arrives 3 or more hours late, you’re allowed to buy up to $500 in replacement clothing at American Express’s cost. You must provide proof that your baggage was late, however.

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