Denied for Discover More, Should I Try Chase Freedom?

Q: At your recommendation, I applied for the Discover More card. Unfortunately, I was denied. Should I try to apply for the Chase Freedom card instead?

A: First, we should look at who qualifies for each card. For their Discover More card, Discover looks at a number of things, one of the most important being your credit score. The credit score required for Discover More is average or better, so around 650 and up. If you have a score above 650 and no serious black marks on your credit report (such as high utilization, a lot of credit inquiries, or a recent bankruptcy), then you have a good chance of getting the card.

The requirements are similar for Chase Freedom, requiring at least a “fair” credit score, and not too many inquiries, plus they frown on high revolving balances. Chase’s card does appear to be a bit more picky, however. If you were turned down for Discover More, there’s a good chance you’ll be turned down for Chase Freedom also. If you don’t mind another inquiry on your credit report, you can try, but keep in mind that the inquiry will be on your report for two years. If you have too many, you may be turned down for other cards that you apply for.

Let’s talk about some cards that will up your chances of being approved. If your score is in the 600s and you were turned down for Discover More, you might want to try something like the Capital One No Hassle Rewards card. This card is a little bit easier to qualify for. Another card you might want to try is Citi Simplicity. It’s also slightly easier to qualify for than Discover More and Chase Freedom.

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