Best U.S. Airways Credit Cards

Have you been searching for the perfect MasterCard designed for building travel miles? US Airways and MasterCard have joined forces to create a travel rewards card with first-class benefits and perks.

US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

For people that want the very best, the Premier World MasterCard offers just that. First class check-ins, an annual day pass for the US Airways Club, and double miles for every US Airways travel purchase make this card truly a premier card.
If you want to build miles to redeem fast, the Premier card offers new card members 12,500 bonus miles with the first use of the card. In fact, with all of the bonuses that MasterCard offers new cardholders – you can gain up to 35,000 bonus miles. For another 12,500 miles, spend $750 in the first 90 days you are a card member. Need even more miles? Transfer a balance in your first 30 days as a member to gain another 10,000 miles.

Miles just keep accumulating after your bonuses. For every dollar you spend on any item, you’ll earn 1 mile. With no pre-set spending limit, you will see benefits without restraint. Every MasterCard World card has a revolving credit limit; if you exceed that limit, you only pay the overage each month to continue enjoying a no-limit account. Your account also comes with zero liability fraud protection.

The annual fee for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard® is $89.

US Airways World MasterCard®

The World MasterCard is similar to the Premier World MasterCard, with a few key differences. There are no day passes to the US Airways Club, but you will receive concierge service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a year you will receive a certificate worth $149 for a companion ticket and have the same access to dining or entertainment experiences Premier members enjoy.

The World MasterCard website has a literal world of offers available for all World MasterCard holders. VIP events that only World MasterCard members are invited to, exclusive deals on dining, and the ability to purchase tickets to hard to book events.
Like the Premier version, this World MasterCard has fraud protection with zero liability. That means you are not liable for any unauthorized purchases.

The annual fee for the US Airways World MasterCard® is $49.

US Airways World MasterCard® For Business

US Airways World MasterCard® For BusinessAre you a business owner? If so, then the World MasterCard for Business may be perfect for you and your company. Like the World MasterCard, the business version offers unlimited miles accumulation, bonus miles earned from purchases, and exciting bonuses for new card members. The World MasterCard for Business offers business owners to request additional cards for employees at no extra cost. You may access all of the same exclusive benefits available to personal World MasterCard members via the World MasterCard website.
The World MasterCard for Business bonuses for new members are broken down into two categories based on the type of card chosen. There are two versions of the business card, More Miles or No Annual Fee.

The bonuses offered for the More Miles card are:

  • 25,000 bonus miles with your first purchase using the card
  • Up to 10,000 miles with a balance transfer in the first 30 days of membership

This card has a $79 annual fee.

If you choose the No Annual Fee card, you get:

  • 5,000 bonus miles with your first purchase
  • Up to 10,000 miles with a balance transfer

If you travel frequently using U.S. Airways, any of these cards will let you rack up frequent flier miles quickly for business or vacation, and the added benefits help make air travel just a little bit nicer.