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40,000 Bonus Miles With United MilagePlus Explorer card

By Dan Rafter / July 22, 2011

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Do you fly across the country on business? How about for personal use?

If so, you might want to explore the United MileagePlus® Explorer Card from Chase.

Following the recent trend in the credit-card industry of offering bigger and more lucrative bonuses, this card allows you to earn up to 40,000 bonus airline miles in the first year that it’s in your wallet.

Like we’ve said many times on this site, this is a good time to be a responsible credit-card owner. Credit-card companies are feeling the economic pinch as severely as are any businesses. They’re doing everything they can to convince consumers like you to apply for their cards.

And that includes providing you with some outrageously valuable bonus offers.

The Big Offer: After you make your first purchase with your United MileagePlus Explorer Card, you’ll receive 25,000 bonus miles.

That’s easy. It’s not too difficult to earn an extra 5,000 bonus miles, either. You just have to both add an authorized user to your account and use your card within two months of activating your account. Once you do, those 5,000 bonus miles are yours.

If you’re keeping count, that comes to 30,000 bonus air miles so far.

If you want to earn the remaining 10,000 bonus miles that you can get in your first year of owning this card, you’ll have to work a bit harder. You’ll earn 10,000 bonus miles annually if you charge at least $25,000 worth of purchases with your card in a year.

All told, that’s the potential for 40,000 bonus miles with your card.

You’ll also earn one mile for every dollar that you charge with your card and two miles for every dollar that you charge on United Airlines purchases.

The Fine Print: This card does come with fairly standard fees. The $95 annual fee is waved for the first year.

  • Credit Required
    Good Credit
  • Rewards Program
    Earn 2 miles for $1 spent on tickets purchased from United and Continental and 1 mile per $1 everywhere else.
  • Signup Bonus
    Earn up to 40,000 bonus miles.
    25,000 after first use, 5,000 after adding additional user and 10,000 when you spend $25,000 or more.

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