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30,000 Bonus Miles With Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

By Clay Wyatt / November 21, 2011

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American Express is now offering 30,000 bonus miles with the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card. The offer is valid after $500 is spent within the first 3 months.

Each mile is worth 1 cent. So, 30,000 miles is worth $300.

At least 25,000 must be used to obtain an airline ticket. Obviously, you’ll have more than this amount if you get the bonus miles.

Miles Per Dollar Spent

In addition to raking in bonus miles, you’ll qualify for 2 miles per dollar spent on Delta purchases. All other purchases qualify for 1 mile per dollar spent.

Other than miles, this card has some good-quality benefits. You and up to 8 other people on your reservation will qualify for a checked bag – free of charge. That is a round-trip savings of $50 per person. So, if you, your immediate family, a few uncles and friends go on vacation together, you‘ll save $450 on baggage fees. That’s a great deal.

On Delta-operated flights, you’ll receive a 20 percent discount on alcoholic beverages, audio headsets, food, movies, television shows and video games. So, if your spouse is forcing you to watch an awful movie, you’ll at least know that it came at a discount – and you can buy a discounted drink to ease the suffering!

This card qualifies members for zone 2 boarding on Delta flights. It also offers emergency assistance worldwide. Additionally, it offers a complimentary $99 companion ticket and purchase protection.

There is no annual fee with this card in the first year, then $95.


With no annual fee in the first year and a moderate APR on purchases and balance transfers, the American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles card offers strong benefits at a reasonable cost. Even after the annual fee kicks in, the $99 companion ticket alone more than offsets it. Additionally, the complimentary checked bag for you and your companions will be a valuable benefit if you travel frequently.

If you are a fan of flying on Delta, then this card is a no-brainer. You’ll get 2 miles per dollar spent on Delta purchases and a load of other travel benefits. This is a good card to have in your wallet if you fly Delta.

Apply for the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

  • Credit Required
    Excellent Credit
  • Rewards Program
    Earn As You Spend: Get 2X miles on Delta purchases and 1X miles for all other eligible dollars spent.
  • Signup Bonus
    30,000 Bonus Miles
    when you spend $500 on the Card in the first three months.

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