Why We Got Into Credit Card Points and Airline Miles

By Jack Krupey / March 29, 2017
Why we got into Credit Card Points and Airline Miles

People often ask me why we got into credit card points and airline miles.  A few years ago I was starting to look for a vacation destination and started searching various travel blogs and guides.

I was researching how to find cheap airfare and how to find discounted business class tickets. In what turned out to be either a stroke of incredible luck or in hindsight fate, I found Google.com/Flights which is one of the great tools for finding great deals on airfare.

It turns out that I was searching during one of the greatest airfare deal mistakes made by an airline in the last decade. For a few hours Delta Airlines had a glitch where they were pricing all airfare in the US at 75-90% off typical pricing.

I was searching on the map and I saw $24 dollar flights to Miami from New York. I then looked over on the map to Hawaii and I saw a $74 dollar coach flight from New York to Hawaii.Just for the heck of it I selected Business Class as the class of service and at the time a round trip business class ticket from JFK to Hawaii was only $124 dollars round trip.

As with any great deal or potential mistaken airfare deal, I just jumped right in and purchased it. At $124 dollars each I thought it was worth the risk even if we couldn't go on this vacation to lock in that price before it went up.

All major US airlines and travel sites such as Expedia or Orbitz allow cancelation for either 24 hours or until midnight the next business day.

After I purchased these tickets I was waiting to see if Delta would honor the sale. In many cases the Department of Transportation forces US airlines to honor mistake pricing. Fortunately within a day Delta acknowledged the mistake fare but announced that they would honor all tickets.

Our trip to Hawaii was incredible. It was my first time in business class that included Lay Flat Beds.

Once I flew in style like this I was hooked and I had to learn how to find more deals like this.

Since 2014, I have been constantly learning about frequent flyer programs, airline credit cards, travel credit cards, and transferable points credit cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred, American Express, and Starwood Preferred Guest.

In the coming weeks our team is going to launch a lot of new and updated to help our readers take advantage of the best credit card and travel deals available.

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