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How Do I Redeem My Credit Card Points Online?

By Dawn Allcot / March 23, 2010
How Do I Redeem My Credit Card Points Online?

Ah, rewards. With credit card policies changing, get ’em while the getting is good. How do you cash in your rewards on popular credit cards from companies like Chase, American Express and Discover? And can you do it online or with a mobile app?

Fortunately, cashing in rewards online with these major credit card companies is just as easy as paying your credit card bill online.

Redeem Discover Cardback Bonus Rewards Points Online

Once you are registered for the Account Center at, it’s easy to browse your reward options and redeem your points online. When you have $20 worth of points, you can begin redeeming CashBack Bonus Rewards for a choice of benefits, including:

  • Partner gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Discover gift cards
  • Charitable donations

You can also have cash deposited directly into your bank account or you can receive a credit to your Discover card account in $50 increments, beginning with $50.

Simply follow the prompts to redeem your rewards.

Redeem Chase Card Rewards Points Online

You can redeem your Chase card rewards online in three easy steps.

1. Go to your Chase Online banking account at and sign in using your username and password.

2. For each Chase Rewards card you have, you’ll be able to click a link that says “Show Rewards.”

When you do that, another option will appear: “See Rewards Details.” Click that and a screen will show up that offers a few options:

    • Redeem your rewards
    • Earn Bonus Rewards with Chase Rewards Plus

The second option takes you to a list of merchants where you can earn up to 10X Rewards points for purchases on items such as shoes, computers, and more. Don’t be fooled — you cannot redeem your Chase Rewards for items in the Chase Rewards Plus program. I sat drooling over a pair of $89 sandals at FootSmart until I realized that.

3. Assuming you don’t get lured off-track by promises of 2 to 10X Rewards, you can click on Redeem your Rewards and see a list of rewards.

You can begin redeeming points when you have 1,500. Fifteen-hundred points earns you a $10 gift card to one of several merchants. To redeem the rewards, simply select your reward and follow the prompts. Make sure your address is correct so your rewards are sent to the right place.

Redeem American Express Rewards Points Online

Redeeming points with an American Express card is slightly more complicated — only because there are so many more options available.

First, go to You might want to bookmark this page, as it’s not the main American Express card page. (You can get there from, but it takes a lot of clicks!) You’ll have to log in to check your point balance, browse rewards recommendations and redeem rewards.

You can browse the vast rewards offered by American Express in a number of ways:

        • Search by rewards points amount
        • Search by keyword

Or, in the dropdown menu titled “Use points,” you can browse rewards by category:

        • Travel
        • Shopping
        • Dining & Entertainment
        • Specials

You can also redeem rewards:

        • To pay for recent charges on your American Express card
        • on merchandise, through
        • for travel through the American Express Travel Site

After you select a category, select your rewards and click “add to cart.”

Redeeming Your Rewards by Phone

Of course, if you have any difficulties or questions about redeeming your rewards for any of these major credit cards, you can always call the customer service line for assistance or to redeem your rewards easily by phone. Redeeming rewards for other credit cards follows a similar process — it’s all a matter of finding the right website, creating an online account if you don’t already have one, and following the prompts.

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